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Author: Brandy Beucler

Welcome to Marketing Nouveau. The purpose of this blog is to teach you how to market higher education in a fresh new light. Marketing can be an intimidating topic for many people, but I’m here to help you on your journey of marketing higher education. It’s one thing to know what a marketing campaign is and do it yourself, it’s another thing entirely to understand the right steps that need to be taken in order to succeed at every level of your business.

No other blog out there focuses on all aspects of marketing for higher education. The topics we cover are how to humanizing your college and university brand, reach prospective students where they are with proven strategies, and uncovering the art of cultivating content that is appealing to prospective students.

We will build personas around real students through surveys and market research. We’ll find what’s important to them, and then make our marketing involve those particular groups of people. I’ll share resources that will take the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

Google Analytics 4.0 has launched, bringing a host of new features, tools and capabilities to your web analytics dashboard. This is a big update, which takes Analytics beyond the standard set of stats that you may be familiar with — visits, bounce rate, pages per visit, etc. We will explore new ways of navigating the data that will guide you toward making more informed marketing decisions.

The job of marketing in higher education is changing. Gone are the days of traditional and build-it-yourself marketing programs and budgets. Today, you have to be innovative, change your approach and create ‘Growth Marketing’ programs that are tailored to meet students’ needs by finding out their own interests and providing them opportunities to grow with content that is relevant to them.


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