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Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

robotic arm illustration

Illustration: Isabel Da Silva Azevedo
Author: Brandy Beucler

Boost Enrollment

Artificial Intelligence can help boost enrollment in a climate of decline and deliver a better learning experience for students (EdTech Magazine, 2022). The ideal benefit colleges and universities can receive from A.I.’s assistance is for offloading time-intensive tasks and guide in streamlining processes.

A.I. In the Classroom

One concern some faculty may have is for the potential of AI to replace jobs in the industry. At Georgia Institute of Technology, a masters level course was unaware their teaching assistant wasn’t human. An A.I. taught a class of approximately 300 students and posted about 10,000 messages to an online message board. The A.I. was able to answer their questions with high efficiency. Its memory consisted of a question and answer database from tens of thousands of questions and responses from past semesters (Polepeddi, 2016).

Let’s Summarize Ed provides an excellent perspective with case studies on artificial intelligence (Examples of Ai in Higher Education, 2021).

What are your thoughts on all this? What do you think about facial recognition learning? Pretty interesting… I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please comment below.


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